Best Calming Dog Beds in the 2022

Stress and anxiety can affect all living things, not just humans. Anxiety can also be felt by man’s best friend. Thunderstorms, fireworks, being alone, and having new guests in the house can all make a dog feel anxious. Calming dog beds is just one tool you can use for your pet to relax. These beds are made for your pet and provide a safe place to rest.

These beds are also scientifically proven to enhance a dog’s sense of touch. A calming dog bed with soft faux fur mimics the feeling of other puppies snuggling up to your dog. This can help your dog feel secure and safe while it sleeps with its littermate.

Not all products on the market are appropriate. After hours of research and testing, we have compiled a list of the top calming dog beds.

What are the key features of calming dog beds?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right calming dog bed for your pet.


There are several types of anti-anxiety dog beds: donut-style, bolster-style, cave-style, and self-warming.

Donut-style dog beds work well for small dogs. The raised sides of this round bed create a nest-like feeling, which is perfect for snuggling in and curling up. You can use the edges to support your head in any direction.

Bolster dog beds have raised edges on three sides. These can be used as pillows for your dog’s head. This gives your dog security and comfort while they sleep. This bed is ideal for large dogs.

Cave-style dog beds have a pocket that allows your pet to hide in the bed. There are many designs for this anti-anxiety dog bed. Some look more like sleeping bags, while others are more like a dome. The inner lining of the bed is usually made from soft Sherpa fleece or another similar material. This reminds your dog of his cuddling time with his littermates and mom.

Self-warming bed is a bed that harnesses your dog’s body heat to create warmth. This will provide a comfortable environment for your dog.

Orthopedic Dog Beds are made of memory foam, which helps to relieve pressure points and provides support. These beds are great for seniors and dogs with mobility problems. Dogs can feel anxious when they are in pain. A bed that relieves joint pain and loosens tight muscles can help to calm them down.


Certain breeds are better suited for calming dog beds. For small dogs, donut-style beds are better. Larger dogs will find a bolster mattress more comfortable. It’s important to check the dimensions of any bed you are considering buying. It is important to have a little extra space so that your dog can move about. You don’t want a too large dog bed as it won’t have the cocooning effect. You should get an orthopedic bed that allows your dog to spread out without any of his body being restricted.


To make it easy to clean, look for a bed with machine-washable fabric. It should at least have a removable and washable cover.

Waterproof lining

Your dog should feel at home in a comfortable bed. It is easier to clean up accidents with a waterproof lining.


To prevent odors from sticking to your bed, choose a calming mattress that is made from antibacterial materials. Faux fur is similar to a dog’s fuzzy coat but it also has antibacterial properties.

Non-slip bottom

Your dog shouldn’t be able to slide into the bed. This can cause injury to your dog and can lead to an accident.

Calming Dog Beds: Benefits

Calming dog beds have the obvious advantage of helping to reduce anxiety and stress. This bed can be used to reduce anxiety but is not a cure. The bed should be combined with training and conditioning. Relax your dog before he goes to sleep. You can gently stroke his side in a circular motion. The same can be done on his chest. Massaging his ears can also help him to relax. To help him feel happy and relaxed, you can massage his ears while he lies on the bed.

Relaxing in a calm bed can help reduce anxiety.

  • Stress will be easier for your dog.
  • The raised edges help to reduce stress on the neck, and other joints.
  • You will see a dog fall asleep faster and have a more restful sleep.
  • He will be more resilient if he gets enough sleep.
  • The benefits of sleep can also be attributed to improved brain development, memory, learning ability, and other aspects.

1. Calming Dog Beds UK

Calming dog bed official store is our pick for the best overall calming dog bed. The shaggy thing has received over 47,000 reviews on the official website and a score of just 4.7 out of 5. We thought this was a bunch of fake reviews. It can’t be so good, couldn’t it? After many hours of testing, and lots of research, we were delighted to discover that this donut bed is indeed stylish.

It features faux shag vegan fur that feels surprisingly soft when touched. You can choose from a range of natural colors. This bed is versatile and will match any decor. This is not the reason we love it. Our dogs loved it even more.

We decided to test The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed against our regular dog bed. Our Maltese, who is deathly afraid of loud noises, began to sniff the fluffy bed right away. He didn’t take long to get all cozy and started digging into the bed. We were amazed at his relaxed state on the bed. He seemed to enjoy people talking. He didn’t mind people coming to visit.

The bed is quite thick. It is filled with non-toxic, Airsoft fibers which provide extra support and comfort. To make the bed more durable, it has double-overlock stitching at its edges. This is not recommended for aggressive or moderate-to-severe chewers. Although this dog bed isn’t high-end (we have seen other products that are much more expensive), it has a significant price tag. You don’t want your pet to be able to chew through the entire donut in a matter of days.

You can choose from four sizes, ranging in size from small to large. This calming bed isn’t just for small dogs. The largest size is capable of handling 150-pound dog breeds. The smallest size can be washed in the washing machine. All sizes have removable covers that can be washed in the washer. It is easy to clean, comfortable, and calming. There are enough sizes to fit dogs of all ages. It is no surprise that so many pet owners buy it.

2. Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Poly-Cotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed

The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed is extra-large, but the cushion isn’t thick enough to accommodate giant dogs like Great Danes. We decided to search for a calming dog bed that could be used by large dogs. What did you get? The Majestic Pet Polycotton Sherpa Bagel Dog Mattress.

This anti-anxiety mattress is much stronger when it comes to supporting large dogs. The bed’s “walls”, measuring 14 inches, are thicker than the padding at 10 inches. The bed’s oval shape was more appealing to us than the usual round design of most calming beds. It allowed our Great Dane to stretch out fully, which was his preferred position for sleeping.

The bolster is made from Poly/Cotton Twill. The premium high loft Polyester fiberfill used to stuff the bed has managed to keep its shape even after repeated uses. The cushion is covered with faux Sherpa, while the bed’s bottom is made from 300/600 denier heavy-duty fabric. This makes the bed extremely comfortable. We would love to nestle in it when we feel anxious or stressed.

These beds offer comfort and style. You can choose from a range of colors. Although this isn’t a big deal, it doesn’t hurt that the furniture you choose is beautiful. It’s a steal at this price.

How about cleaning? The entire bed can be machine washed, which is great. The cover can’t be removed. You will need to place the entire bed in your washer. We chose to use the laundromat, as recommended by customers. It took a while, including drying the bed. It is not easy. The jury is still out regarding chewers. The thick, dense cover makes it difficult for dogs’ teeth to get through. The cushion is not as hard. We leave the decision of whether or not to chew on our dog up to you.

3. Furhaven Round Snuggery Hooded Bed for Dogs

Furhaven Round Snuggery Hooded Bed for Dogs

There are two types of dog beds that work best for calming dogs. The donut bed is one. For borrowers, however, there is only one option: the cave-style calming dog bed. Our research shows that the Furhaven Round Snuggery Hooded Dog Bed has the highest quality.

We first noticed this anti-anxiety bed because of its versatility. It does offer a safe place for your dog’s toys to be stored and burrow in. Cuddlers can use the hood to cover their dog by taking out the plastic snuggery tube. It’s stylish and luxurious, thanks to its micro velvet material. It won’t break the bank to purchase it.

The mattress surface feels soft and plush. CertiPURUS Certified Foam’s egg-crate orthopedic foam mattress provides the perfect amount of support to ease stiff muscles and relieve sore joints. Meg, an English Bulldog was our tester for this bed. Without the snuggery tube, Meg had difficulty getting under the blanket and didn’t need us to tuck her in. She did enjoy sleeping under it for hours. The hood was not an issue for her. To feel that cuddly, warm sensation she just hid under the bed.

This bed is extremely comfortable. This bed can be used by dogs up to 80 pounds, such as a golden retriever. This bed is suitable for most dogs but not for chewers.

4. Nononfish Anti Anxiety Dog Bed

Nononfish Anti Anxiety Dog Bed

Some people can’t afford the most expensive calming dog beds. You don’t have to settle for a low-end product just because your budget is limited. It is both extremely affordable and highly effective.

If you’re looking to give a donut bed a try with your dog, this dog bed will be a good choice. You won’t feel guilty if your dog doesn’t like it.

The Nonofish Anti Anxiety Dog Bed has faux fur and is filled with virgin pearl cotton. To provide a non-slip grip, the bottom of this bed is made from high-density waterproof fabric and sticky beads. While your dog lies on the bed, the wrap-around bolster supports his head and neck.

This bed was not as thick as our other choices. The bolsters measure only 7 inches. Although this is not a problem, larger dogs may find it difficult to reach the center. It’s comfortable enough for small dogs to lay in, however.

The entire bed can be machine washed and spot cleaned as necessary. To ensure fluffiness, however, the manufacturer suggests hand-washing. This donut bed is a great choice if you remember that you only get what you pay.

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