How to clean a dog bed

Best Calming Dog Beds is a company that loves pets. We love to bring you the best products and services for your furbabies. We’d love to discuss hygiene. How to clean a dog’s bed. The Cuddler Dog bed has been our core product. It is available in many sizes to suit your furry friend. There are many options. Some dog beds are washable in whole, others require a cover that can be removed.You can do so much with a lint roller, hand washing the bed with soapy water, or vacuuming. We have easy washing instructions for any type of dog bed. Let’s get started by grabbing pet-friendly cleaning products!

Washing our original donut dog beds 

The classic calm dog bed is our original product. It’s still a popular choice on our website, as it was our first bed. What makes it so special? It is made from durable, washable materials.

The fiberfill is made of new polyester and is high-quality. This fill will keep your pet’s bed fluffy for longer and support their weight better than other brands.

Our donut beds also have a unique design. While many pet beds look like donuts, ours is designed to support your pet’s neck and head. Our donut beds are high because we didn’t forget to stuff the middle. Donut dog beds make a great place to let your dog curl up when you’re not there.

It is simple to wash your dog’s bed. The entire bed can be washed in cold water. Do not use hot water. Use gentle rinse mode. Turn the heat down to low.

You can use a homemade solution of white vinegar and baking soda to spot clean your hands. Air dry. Viola! Clean dog bed.

How to clean a dog’s bed: Luxe fur vs. shag fur

All sizes of our calming doughnut pet bedding are available in two options for outer fabric: shag fur or luxe fur. Shag fur is our original fabric for dog bedding. This fabric is similar to a shag bathmat, but it’s super comfortable. Feels nice, right? It’s amazing how your dog will feel!

Our shag fabric was created to provide a comfortable bed for your dog to lay down in. It can also be used to cuddle with other dogs, just as they do with their littermates. The same effect is possible if you have seen multiple cats or dogs cuddling together.

Our most recent addition is Luxe fur. This fabric is more smooth and reminds you of the velour in sportswear. The pile is a little smoother and less dense than shag fur. The pile also features a grain design that gives it a more polished appearance. It’s as comfortable as our shag fur tops.

This will not cause Fido to “sink” as deeply. Fido might find it more difficult to “sink” into his luxurious fur bed. Luxury fur bed isn’t as able to mat as long-piled ones.

Washable dog bed covers 

As we mentioned, the interiors of our dog beds can be machine washed and dried. Faux fur can be difficult to clean.

You don’t need to worry about your dog getting into the bed covered in mud, feces, or other grossness. Zip the cover-up and take it off. Our shell covers can be machine washed and dried to reduce pet odors, dander, dirt, and hair. Follow the care instructions on your label: machine wash, gentle cycle. Turn the heat down to low and dry.

Do you need to refresh the interior? This can be put in the washer as well. You might need to use a commercial washer at a laundromat if you have a bigger bed. This is the same as for a queen-sized comforter.

Dog Bed & Blanket Bundles

Some dogs are happy with the donut bed alone, but there is another option: a bundle bed. A combination of our Calming Donut Beds with a matching blanket. The size of your bed will determine the size of the blanket included.

Why choose a bundle bed? This is a good choice for several reasons. Your dog may like to crawl into your bed. A blanket and cuddler can make your dog a happier puppy. There are no complaints about taking a nap. Even better, if your friend has anxiety, it is a good idea to surround him with fur all around. You can keep him in the house before you go.

A bundle bed can also be used if you want to place a blanket on your sofa. Many people love having their furbaby next to them but don’t like cleaning up dog hairs from the sofa. A washable blanket will give your cuddle buddy the best seat in the house. He won’t even consider changing to another piece of furniture. The blanket can also be used to train your cuddle buddy to use a specific chair. You’re a good boy!

If your dog requires some comfort while on the road, you might consider buying a bundle bed. Before you take your dog to the V-E-T, place the blanket on the back of your car. For smaller pets, wrap the blanket around your pet and take it with you to the car. You won’t hear as many complaints either way.

How to clean your dog’s blanket

Our shag blanket can be machine washed and dried in the dryer for easy cleaning and maintenance. To wash, machine washes at low temperatures and tumble dry low. The blanket must be dried thoroughly in the dryer after washing to avoid any matting.

Bundle beds are available in all sizes and both fabrics 

We have many bundle beds. The bundles include the donut size you select, as well as a blanket that is the same size. A large bed will get a large blanket and a small bed will get a smaller one. They can be combined. Luxe fur beds are also readily available. There are many colors available.

You will receive the same fur type and color for both pieces. You can mix and match the items by purchasing each one separately. This will cost you slightly more. You can replace the donut cover if it is worn out. You can also use the spare cover to cover the bed while you wash the first one. Blankets can be simply replaced.

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